Howzit!! I am Larry the Peri-Peri Chicken. I moved here to Augusta several years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Show me around town and I'll for half of your lunch the first Wednesday of every month! REALLY! But don't tell too many people...just the hot chicks.

Put me on the back of your this:


larry club

How does it work you say?
There are a couple of rules to follow:

1. I (Larry) must be on your vehicle when you get here on Larry Club Day (the first Wednesday of every month). If for some reason you change cars or need another sticker, whatever, take care of this any day during the month. Not on Larry Day! If you show up without me on the vehicle you arrived in, you will not get your discount.

2. You get half off your lunch! (up to the value of a Combo) per sticker.

3. One sticker per car.

That's it Boet!!